Social Media, Prosperity Gospel, and Thinking About Eternity

The following is an excerpt from an article of mine which was published on Millennial Influx, “News, commentary, opinion, and analysis from the Millennial generation.”


Prosperity gospel has, for better or worse, become a popular trend within 21st-century Christianity, with mega-churches like Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church having an average of 43,500 people in attendance each week. Prosperity gospel, in layman’s terms, makes claims that God deeply desires his followers to feel satisfied and fulfilled with their earthly lives, and that he will fulfill our material desires if we “name and claim” those things on faith.

Social media sites give us the impression that they can offer the same type of rewards. On popular sites like Facebook, most interactions are engineered to have a positive slant to them. We have Facebook “friends,” but never any “enemies.” We can “like” statuses, photos, etc. but not “dislike” them. We can crop and edit photos to death, and ones that still don’t look good enough we can omit altogether. We can even take back the things we’ve said–I personally have gone back through some of my old statuses and deleted things I thought were clever when I was in high school (they weren’t, in case you were curious). Online, we have much more control over what people get to know and see about us than we do in the real world; in essence, we are able to create our “ideal” selves.

To read the full article on Millennial Influx, click here.


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